Human Resources Administrator

Role and responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Responsible for screening, recruiting, and training employees, as well as implementing employee processes
  • Liaise with department heads and senior management to determine particular needs for each role required to be filled.
  • Conducts and coordinates orientations for newly hired employees.
  • Maintain employee records related to attendance, vacations, medical leave, and other employee data.
  • Answers employee questions regarding benefits, open enrollment periods, and other information regarding employee benefits
  • Manage Bright HR portal and application
  • Liaise with Peninsula and be the main point of contact for the HR platform.
  • Review and implement company policies relating to HR as required.
  • Assist Operations with training and development of employees.
  • Oversee employee relations and performance management.
  • Provide a career path within the organization.
  • Offer continuing education opportunities.
  • Train and support managers
  • Include ensuring employees receive the correct salary and access the benefits they want.
  • Analyse the benefits offered by competing companies in your geographical area and industry.
  • Liaise with accounting department as required
  • Develop career paths for employees by liaising with department heads to define avenues for advancement, promotions, and transfers to other departments or divisions.
  • Support employees by managing health plans, employee assistance programs, retirement planning, and disability benefits.